“I never wear a helmet”, brags the expat on one of the more combative Bali forums. Let’s call him Bazza. “Nobody can tell me what to do. It’s my bloody choice if I wear one or not.” Some Indonesian participants agree. “We only wear helmets on long trips. No need around town in
Bali.” Others, perhaps of a more practical bent, chime in with warnings about the huge cost of medical treatment, the fact that insurance won’t pay, the police stings, the enormous risk to him, and … well, you’ve heard all those reasons before.

But Bazza is intractable. “If I get hurt, that’s my business. I’ll pay for my own hospital treatment.” He admits that he has no medical insurance. And he forcefully says that, no, he doesn’t expect  … [READ FULL POST]

[28 Jul 2014]


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  1. I found your site for the first time and found it great also noticed alot of remarks / comments you made on Bali Expat. Well I am concidering moving to Bali myself have been there 9 times and love it each time more and more. Hope to be able to chat some more with you to see how your life is going.

    All the very best


  2. Let me congratulate you on your informative website!

    I liked the way you structured the information in order to give useful tips for visitors! I was happy to see your commitment and ability to write interesting posts about everyday life in Bali.

    • Thanks for your comment Philipp – I have shortened it for brevity, and added your networking site for Bali expats to my blogroll. Cheers!

  3. Incredible blog – I loved reading your info

  4. Hi Vyt,
    Really enjoy your blogs – and we were looking for a something similar tone to put into our monthly pubication, The Mag.
    If you are interested, drop me a line back, and we can arrange a phone call/meeting.

  5. I discovered your blog using google and I must say, this is without doubt one of the best well written ones I have observed in a long time. I have bookmarked your site for other posts.

  6. I tried to view your blog on my new MAC running chrome and it isnt coming up right. Is there anything you suggest I can do that would fix this? I came here quite often on my windows PC and it all looked good. I appreciate it.

    • I believe that some versions of Chrome for Macs do have issues with WordPress. WordPress says it is a Chrome problem. It may be that the latest version of Chrome has fixed this.

  7. New to your blog, but not to Bali. Enjoy the BT column.
    Keep sharing – common grievance is good for the soul…

  8. I really like this website! I love the content.

  9. Im addicted to this Vyt, so much and your not giving me my fix on a regular basis sometimes!! Im a borborigmus addict going through withdrawals..

    • Oops, sorry … been away for a while. Back soon with more stuff and nonsense.

      • no excuse!!! you cannot possibly have your own life when you are such an amazing entertaining writer!!

  10. Hello there, your one of my favourite websites that i have kept for my resource list for my huge project i have to investigate. Im currently a HSC student and i have an assignment where i have to investigate a topic which i chose to do it on Bali and why Australian Tourists go there, i would really love to contact you and ask you a questions because as i can see you would know a lot more information then most people would of living in Bali. Your information you provide will definitely be incorporated into my project.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    • Thanks Meagan. Good luck with your project – it’s certainly a big one. The difficulty is that there are hundreds of thousands of people who come to Bali, and they will have lots of different reasons for doing so. Probably the easiest way to contact me is via Facebook. Cheers, Vyt

      • Yes, im very much interested in Bali, I think you would provide a lot more information as you live in Bali and your blog does include a lot of information which shows you know a lot which is valuable. Would you mind giving me your email address so i can contact you and ask questions.

  11. dear vyt……………despite only having scratched the surface of your blogs i noted tht you make a lot of intellectual observations abt the pitfalls of living in Bali esp on the ownerships of villas, permits, visas and corruption but i have to assmue its worth it as yre blog page on who u are ends with a very happy sloth living in gluttony. thts a good thing surely

    • It is a good thing. Yes, I highlight some of the difficulties, absurdities and strange things here because I believe that anyone looking for information about Bali living deserves to know about the whole spectrum of life here. If I took a pollyanna approach – i.e. that everything about the place is absolutely wonderful, my blog would be just another piece of tourism puffery and worthless as a reference for those who want to know about a place, warts and all.
      I am willing to come across as a hyper-critical, negative old grump simply because I love this place, and because my whingeing usually contains an element of constructive criticism, there is a slight chance that my maunderings might even be read by those whose have the power to change things.
      That’s my excuse anyway 😉

  12. Vyt .. you owe it to you literary fans to start back up again. Please mate, we are beginning to worry about your health etc since your last post was in October & they were a regular fixture ….

    • Coming soon to a computer near you …

  13. Hi,
    Seems now the dept of immigration staff have developed a NEW SCAM.on my last two returns from Oz a couple of higher ranking officers wait in the Airport arrivals area for Bule with Kitas. They are Super friendly they escort you through the side of the counters take your papers & Passport into their office. Returning a few minutes later, and requesting Rp 100,000 for their Drink money.
    I refused to pay took my papers and walked away

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