The journey begins …

June 26, 2009

Redundancy procedures now complete – I’m officially ‘retired’, with a modest payout that will allow for luxuries like food. Bali beckons – as a frequent visitor, I feel ready to make the plunge into the very different waters of expat life.

So – deep breath, pack up the house, sell/store the meagre possessions, one last visit to Bali as a tourist to rent a villa, and arrange the appropriate visa – a Retirement KITAS in my case. Back to Australia to clean up loose ends, book a flight, go to the Indonesian Consulate to reclaim my passport with its brand-new visa stamp and send unaccompanied luggage.

And now I’m here – the journey of discovery has begun.



  1. gday vyt i just come across ur website n i understand u im not good at typeing or computers but mb a lot like u???? i am a plumber n many trips bali n some how similer but stay perth at moment will do my best to folow u progress bali

  2. Thanks for your blog we are doing the same in a couple of months and have picked up much helpful info, I hope you continue as we will definetly continue reading.

  3. Look me up when you get here and we’ll share experiences over a Bintang or three … !

  4. Thanks We will definetly catch up with you.
    We will be coming over in October to organize visa etc, will try to catch you then

    Kaz & Mike

  5. Hi my partner and I are just researching and wondering can we live in Bali (from Oz) ? or should we? On holiday now and love it! It is very confusing regarding visas! we would like to do something once here ie export some things or maybe do some online trading! I thought about doing the tesol english teaching but I dont think Bali has so many opportunities! I am also a registered nurse so will explore in that area! I would love to know how you all get on and if you have any tips for us. Also do you know if there is a cut off age for working here? I am 57 and my ‘toyboy’ is 52!
    All the best to you all and hope to here from you

  6. Hello Vyt

    We have enjoyed your blog very much.

    Next year we hope to do the same thing as you, Karen and Jo.

    It would be great to hear how you all make your new life in Bali.

    Best wishes


  7. I could not find the key to sign in! help?

    • mmm … that’s the bad news. The good news is there is no key

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