Settling into the villa

June 27, 2009

Here I am in the villa . It’s beautiful, but it turns out the villa didn’t have any towels, spare linen or any kitchen equipment at all. Sigh. Should’ve asked. What I saw when I inspected it was a lot of stuff owned by the previous tenants.

Lesson 1: Check the list of goodies that are supposed to come with the accommodation. When in doubt, ask. Of course, I’m a bloke – we don’t even think of stuff like sheets and towels … I mean, the fridge was big enough for 2 dozen Bintangs, so the villa had to be OK, right? Sigh. Luckily I have friends here with a people-mover van, so a couple of mammoth shopping trips were on the agenda for the first few days.

The pembantu (maid) that was arranged for the villa is very good – she scurries around cleaning and doing laundry and generally keeping the place mickey-schmick. Trouble is, she doesn’t speak English. And with my rudimentary Indo, it’s hard to make myself understood …

I have resorted to using an Indo-English-Indo translation program on the computer. I type in questions in English, the thing churns out a deeply flawed Indo translation that either leaves her totally bewildered or makes her giggle, then she types (with one finger!) an answer in Indo. Out comes a barely comprehensible form of fractured Bahasa Ingris and then it’s my turn to look bewildered or giggle. She spends a lot of time looking at me strangely.

I don’t think the technology is up to the task yet …



  1. Nice to see you here among us.

    • Thanks. I will take life pelan pelan 😉

  2. hi , i stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed reading it very much . i am currently in england , but you are providing the essence and being of bali . for that i salute you sir , keep up the good work

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