The bullshit about climate change

December 8, 2009

This post is in the SERIOUS STUFF category – like, it’s really, you know, unfunny dude. If you were looking for my usual light-hearted absurdist stuff about Bali, click on the EXPAT LIFE category. Thanks.

This post is not about Bali. It’s about our world. It’s about woolly thinking. It’s about politicians who hijack serious issues for their own ends. It was originally a comment I wrote about someone’s contribution on Facebook – about politicians in Australia who would rather see their parties destroyed than actually try to understand issues that carry the seeds of their own political oblivion. It’s about climate change and the unmitigated crap that is being spoken about it in the name of  ‘debate’.

What I want to know is, why in God’s name have the pollies been allowed to grab this issue to run with? All their feeble rhetoric demonstrates is their total lack of understanding of the broader issues. That, and their willingness to deliberately concatenate the many parts of the big picture. Is climate change real? Yes. It has always been changing; it always will. Is climate change historically cyclical? Yes. Have the activities of mankind’s industries contributed? Maybe, maybe not. If it’s ‘yes’, is the man-made component significant? Maybe, maybe not. Should pollution be reduced? Of course. For uninformed politicians to tie all these together into simplistic party room arguments in order to gain power is not only stupid, it’s unconscionable.

Let the world scientific community debate the facts, not unqualified politicians who either don’t read, or don’t understand their briefing papers.  Let the data be rigorously analysed, instead of selected by those with an agenda as is happening now. You want to ‘prove’ that sea levels are rising? Simple. Choose one of 6 tide gauges in Hong Kong Harbour that happens to be located in an area of sea-bed subsidence. Ignore the others. Ignore satellite data which is more accurate. Hey look, Chicken Little, the sea is rising! No wonder independent scientists are in depair that their work is being perverted by vested interests.

Give us the truth. After all, it’s our planet. Stop the politicians and their media sycophants portraying climate change-cause skeptics as deluded scum who must obviously be terminally bewildered if they dare question manufactured ‘facts’, and ‘evidence’ which has been selected to support political agendas. We don’t know the answers yet – in fact we are not even asking the right questions – but our benighted leaders want us to believe that they have it nailed.

We’ve seen the ‘solution’ that politicians have come up with – and it does NOTHING to address even one of the planet’s climate issues – it merely sells licences to pollute. And therein lies their rationale for this whole sorry illogical mess – someone stands to make a lot of money.

Is that what managing our planet is all about?



  1. At last the voice of reason in a world of confusion and ineptitude.
    Agreed 100%
    Do none of these people read anything? They appear to not have the slightest knowledge of anything that has occurred in the world anytime, ever. Ice ages come and go, continents move, grow, decrease, everything is changing.
    Yes, stop as much of our stupid polluting of our planet as possible but mostly that means the huge international companies, the meagre contributions of we, the people, are pretty much insignificant but if it makes us feel better, OK.
    You deserve another Bintang today Vyt. Enjoy it!

  2. hmmmm,may i be so cynical to suggest that there is a lot of government scientific funding at stake here??

    • Oh, heaps I would imagine. And as long as the research outcomes miraculously support the agendas of the fund suppliers, it will just keep on flowing …

  3. i love your bitterness, people seem to rant on about the CO2 levels in the atmosphere! do a google search for actual make up of the atmosphere, you may be surprised.

    Mr P.

  4. edit, just took my own advice, have a look at


    food 4 thought! cooler than bakso any way!

    Mr P.

    • More skepticism than ‘bitterness’ really. I just get riled up by bad science and selective manipulation of data. The whole ‘global warming’ thing is no longer a reasoned debate; it is more an article of faith for many (unfortunately poorly informed) people. There is no historical correlation between increased CO2 levels and warming; in fact, some of the highest CO2 levels were present during glacial periods. Have a look at this list of 100 reasons why a simplistic linear relationship between CO2 and warming does not stand up to any kind of scientific scrutiny: http://www.dailyexpress.co.uk/posts/view/146138
      This is turning out to be a bigger scam than the damp squib of the Year 2000 bug, which also made bucketloads of money for vested interests.

  5. Love your postings Borborigmus, but I’m siding with the scientists on this one. But we do seem to have some common ground. Like you I’m a skeptic – I like to see evidence, and reasoned debate between people that can interpret this evidence. But this they have done, and come over time to the consensus view that human caused warming poses a threat, one which we can fix. Maybe. Not for you or me, but for our children and their children, who will be competing in a world of 9 billion mouths. The way to do this is to reduce human caused green house gas emissions. The mechanism proposed is cap and trade. Cap the pollution, slice it up into permits to pollute, trade them between those that need them and those that don’t. But on rereading your post, I can see that you’re pretty much down on politicians, and see this purely as a political problem. One manufactured by pollies for their own ends. But why would someone like Malcolm Turnbull support cap and trade, despite all the risk this entailed for him? Political risk, and we know that was ultimately fatal for him, and economic risk, since C&T will be disruptive and likely to slow global growth, at least initially. There are those out there that quite like the status quo, and can spend serious money to resist change. This is, I think, where the skeptical backlash against fixing our problem is being driven from. A bit like those rent-a-mobs that I hear are so popular in Indonesia, I suspect opinion is being manipulated to resist any change. Globally. It comes down to: trust a really big consensus of specialist scientists who say we have a serious problem, or trust others who may be being driven by reactionary vested interests. Right now I’m putting my opinion behind the scientists. YMMV. -Mike.

  6. I would suggest you get your hands on a copy of “Air Con” by Ian Wishart, ISBN 978-0-9582401-4-7. I found it here at http://www.ianwishart.com
    As the title suggests, there is so much politically (& financially) motivated interpretation of dubious data. I found it a great read, not overly technical, and I really enjoyed what I think is investigative journalism.

    • Thanks – will check it out!

      • Vyt, for balance also have a look at:


        “Australia and the globe are experiencing rapid climate change. Since the middle of the 20th century, Australian temperatures have, on average, risen by about 1°C with an increase in the frequency of heatwaves and a decrease in the numbers of frosts and cold days. Rainfall patterns have also changed – the northwest has seen an increase in rainfall over the last 50 years while much of eastern Australia and the far southwest have experienced a decline.”


        “More extremely hot days, fewer cold ones wetter in the north and drier in the south: this is not a forecast for Australia’s climate but a snapshot of our climate now.”

        These are non-political, expert, considered opinions from sources that I’ve always trusted. I can’t for the life of me understand why they would lie about something so important.

        To me this comes down to trust. I can’t be a climate scientist, but I can make informed judgments about who can be trusted.

        I’ve been enjoying your recent posts btw… I got a laugh out of imagining you holding your breath in the pool, waiting for your wasp-guests to calm down! I wonder where your teleporting pembantu was during all this?

  7. It’s ALL a money scam, including so called scientists who have sold their souls and their reputations. btw, really have been enjoying your posts

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