Thieves and Liars


Thieves and Liars

How I Was Ripped Off by Chantel Sim and Stuart Seah

Ms. Chantel Sim, also known as Mrs. Chantel Seah
Mr. Stuart Seah
Last known address in Bali: Villa 17A, Villa Complex in Jl. Merta Sari, off the continuation of Jl. Patih Jelantik east of Jl. Sunset.

Associated Companies involved
Orange Global Enterprise Pte Ltd
Manager listed as: Ms. Chantel Sim, also Mrs. Chantel Seah
Street : 158 Kallang Way, 03-543

Also Shugar & Co. Pte Ltd, listed at the same address in Singapore and also at 25 Seah St, Singapore, 188381, Phone 65 6 338 9128, Mobile 659 366 8574, Fax 65 6 484 3464 

The facts of what happened
In March 2009, Chantel Sim and her husband Stuart Seah, both Singapore residents who also spend time living in Bali and operating a business, lease a house at Jl. Bunut Sari, Legian, Bali from the Balinese owner. The lease is signed by Stuart Seah despite all negotiations being conducted by Chantel.

Chantel Sim subsequently decides not to continue with her lease and sublets the fully-furnished house to me for 200,000,000 rupiah for 12 months commencing 10 June 2009. The sublease is signed by Chantel’s husband, Stuart Seah, in the presence of witnesses. I agree to continue employing the English-speaking maid, pool man and gardener.

However, before I arrive to take up residence, the owner contacts Chantel, informing her that she can not legally sublet to me for 12 months as she has already used up 3 months of her 12 month lease. He asks Chantel to notify me immediately and renegotiate my sublease term for 9 months at 150,000,000  rupiah.

Chantel ignores this request and instead contacts me to request that 200,000,000 Rupiah be transferred not to her, but to her Singaporean company account – Orange Global Enterprise Pte Ltd. I transfer the money as requested, unaware of the 9 month lease stipulation by the house owner.

After the money is transferred, Chantel makes me aware of the problem. An agreement is reached whereas a new sublease of 9 months duration will be drawn up and signed upon my arrival in Bali to take possession of the property.

It is further agreed that the ‘excess’ 50,000,000 will be held in trust by Chantel Sim and used to pay outgoings for the house such as maid’s salary, electricity, phone/internet, gardener, pool maintenance person and for other purposes as required by me. It is agreed that a monthly accounting shall be kept by Chantel and that all receipts for expenses be forwarded to me. It was also agreed that the balance of the funds, if not already withdrawn by me, would be returned to me at the end of the lease period.

On my arrival, I discovered that Chantel had:

* Removed furniture including a fridge and television (part of the villa inventory) but was forced by the owner (who owns them) to return the items

* Terminated the employment of the pool cleaner and gardener, leaving me to make my own arrangements

* Forbidden the Balinese owner to visit his property for the purpose of making offerings and to hold ceremonies at his family temple. Those of you who understand Bali culture will realise the magnitude of this insult.

* Forbidden the owner to contact me in any way without her being present

* Had replaced the maid I had interviewed and agreed to with a non-English-speaking person. The  excuse given was that the original maid had to leave to go to Java because of “the death of her brother”. One week later, I discovered that the original maid has been ordered to work for Chantel at her new villa and to lie to me about the circumstances.

During the first two months of my sub-lease, no receipts for utilities payments were given to me, and I discovered that in fact, the utilities payments were being paid incorrectly and/or late.

In June, I requested that Chantel release money from the substantial funds still held “in trust” so that I could purchase a motorbike. Chantel refused, claiming that she did not have enough money. She then offered to transfer all remaining money immediately to me, an offer that she dishonoured and subsequently withdrew.

In August, without notifying me, Chantel stopped making utilities payments and defaulted on paying the maid’s salary. By the time I had discovered this, payments were well in arrears and I was being pursued by various debt-collectors and questioned by a distressed maid who had been left without any salary for an extended period.

By this stage, Chantel refused to answer any messages. Her personal assistant at first answered calls confirming that she was Chantel’s manager, but on discovering that I was the caller, claimed that she was no longer employed by her. The maid original destined for my villa (and now working for Chantel) claimed she was now back in Java and knew nothing about the situation. She was sighted in Bali the same day.

An email to Chantel was finally answered, claiming she was having ‘some problems’ and that she would deposit the remaining money into my account immediately. Further communications were not acknowledged by Chantel, and no money has been deposited into my  account.

The money left in my ‘trust’ account is close to 40,000,000 rupiah. Chantel has refused to provide receipts to confirm the exact amount. To all intents and purposes, this money has been misappropriated by Chantel, and she has made no attempt to make restitution. Police are still investigating, and this investigation may well broaden into Singaporean jurisdiction.

I let the facts above speak for themselves. You can draw your own conclusions from them. I have reached mine. I think ‘misappropriation’ is such a genteel term. I am inclined to favour the term ‘stealing’, because being retired here in Bali, I have to live off my meagre savings. When someone uses my money – without my permission – and refuses to give it back, I think of it as theft.

That’s what I think – but I am not in a position to tell you what to think. But if you have any business dealings with Chantel, or her husband, or her cosmetic nail businesses Orange Global Enterprise Pte Ltd and Shugar & Co Pte Ltd, perhaps you need to ask yourself the following :

* Can I trust people who have demonstrated the type of personal and business ethics and behaviour shown in this instance?

* How likely is it that someone who has acted like this will do so again in the future – perhaps with you?

* What can I conclude about the personal honour and integrity of such people?

* Are Chantel’s companies, Orange Global Enterprise Pte Ltd and Shugar & Co Pte Ltd,  which she manages (and one of which in effect received the money supposed to be held in trust for me) the type of company with which you would like to do business?


  1. have her and her husband beaten up, and do it again until monies owed are refunded.

    • I’m so sorry to hear this,

      I’m Chinese but it would upset me if these Singaporeans can just come to Bali & treat it with such disrespect.

      I wish that Singaporeans don’t come to Bali to haggle for fun & has no intention of buying.

      We go to their country & they treat us with contempt. I’m sorry to my dear Singaporean friends but it’s fact that most of them has no manners.

      In short be careful when dealing with Singaporeans & Indians who shows little respect for other people.

    • Sorry Charlie for the rambling on.

      If you want to be safe never trust another foreigner who’s about to leave the country, you’d be better of dealing with a local agent or better yet get a referal from the owner himself.

      • When I mean foreigner, I mean people from different country to yours. I believe an Aussie bloke wouldn’t do that to another Aussy bloke. I don’t know about the others.

        I’m very upset in hearing this story, this creates hate & gaps among descent people. Why?

        Well I hope they get what’s coming to them, “You reap what you sow” & then some….

      • I believe an Aussie bloke wouldn’t do that to another Aussie bloke. I don’t know about the others.

        I’m very upset in hearing this story, this creates hate & gaps among descent people. Why?

        Well I hope they get what’s coming to them, “You reap what you sow” & then some….

  2. Chantal and her ilk are only one of many. The tip of the iceberg

    I hear the same story with different players time after time, after time.

    This place is full of them, its how Bali works

    “If its not nailed down”

    • Interesting that Chantel is actually from Singapore, of Chinese-Japanese descent. No Indo rip-off here!

      • Thanks Mr. We cant judge balinesse or indonesian for thats case. People like “Chantel Sim and Stuart Seah” are available everywhere

      • Well, of course I wasn’t judging any ethnic group for the actions of one of its members. I certainly wouldn’t say that all Balinese, or Indonesians in general, or any of the groups living in Singapore are ‘bad’ as a result of this episode.
        But I DO judge individuals who have shown disrespect to me or my friends by engaging in theft, fraud and dishonourable actions.

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  4. Not an Indo doing the rip-off, but I am yet to meet an expat who has been in the country for more than a few months who does not have a rip-off story. While 40Juta is a lot of money, I’ve heard worse. A lot worse.

    Rip-offs happen all the time, but mostly to the uninitiated, while they are still very trusting and before they get clued into how things work.

    I’m very sorry that this happened to you and I hope that you get your money back, the courts would probably be on your side if all your paperwork is correct.

  5. Give ’em hell Vytautas!!!

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  7. This post made me think to be always sure if the person you’re dealing with is that trustworthy and have the right backgrounds.

  8. I hope that thieves and liar are not related to me !I have been dealing business in java and Bali and I was born in Indonesia still get rip-off by liars in indonesia. thay corrupt from RT, Rw,post office offials all the way to the top.

  9. hi borborigmus,

    i happen to be 1 of those unlucky person who was in buiness with chantel in singapore back in 2004. she still owe me 30 thousand sgd worth of products which she has not deivered. i would sure like to visit her someday soon in bali.

    would appreciate any assistance in this matter 🙂

    stay well borborigmus 🙂


    bernard ho

  10. btw, the seah street address and kallang way addresses are not applicable anymore. i was there to help her move ut of seah street into the kallang way operations and she has ‘run away’ from the kallang way premises when she illegally sub let the place to a bernard lee, who coincidentally was a close friend of mine, of which she didnt know. bernard lee checked with the landlord after we mwt up and discussed his newly rented place and both bernard lee and the landlord drew up a new contract after a police report was made.
    p.s. bernard lee is in the business of motorcycle parts import and export and i used to run a motorcycle workshop here in singapore 🙂

    cheers borborigmus

  11. last but not least, just found these lins online after much digging that links to sim and seah 🙂 be wary when dealing with them i suppose:)



    cheers Vyt 🙂

    • Thanks for those comments Bernard. We seem to be two of many that Chantel and Stuart have burned. I believe Chantel is in Bali at the moment. Slippery as she is, inevitably the net will tighten on this predator and hopefully justice will be done.

  12. btw, the seah street address and kallang way addresses are not applicable anymore. i was there to help her move ut of seah street into the kallang way operations and she has ‘run away’ from the kallang way premises when she illegally sub let the place to a bernard lee, who coincidentally was a close friend of mine, of which she didnt know. bernard lee checked with the landlord after we mwt up and discussed his newly rented place and both bernard lee and the landlord drew up a new contract after a police report was made.p.s. bernard lee is in the business of motorcycle parts import and export and i used to run a motorcycle workshop here in singapore

  13. sorry to hear your rip off story. still smarting over being ripped off myself not only from balinese person but Irish Australian friend of 26 years. What’s money?, but people who continue to be dishonest will get thers eventually!

  14. is that 200 million or 200 thousand rupiah?

    • I would hardly make a fuss over 200 thousand 😉
      No, it was 200 million asked and received for 12 months sublease when it should have been 150 million for the 9 months that she was legally able to offer. She basically kept the remainder.

  15. I just came across this while searching for a pool cleaner. Sadly Chantel Sim and Stuart Seah are more common than we think. They come in all nationalities but as a Singaporean, I feel there are more of them in that country which is why i left. They are not just thieves and liars, they are pure evil because of the premeditated plans they had to screw you. And to forbid the owner from making offerings??? She should stay in S’pore and rot in her horrid apartment. I am so sorry for what you went through and hope that you will meet enough good people to restore your faith in humanity.

    • There is good and bad in all societies. This pair represent the bad, but so far, I won’t stereotype Singaporeans just because of them!

  16. hi there , just want to share the newest info, i got burn by hem of about rp 75.000.000 , would like to meet you and share my informtion also would like to tell you that both are now living in kuala lumpur, just fled out from yogya to singapore yesterday after i report my case to the Kapolda in Yogya and my file will be forwarded to kapolda in bali, they have an office at jl sakah 99 , batuan, bali and now iam trying to get their address in kuala lumpur

  17. one of their staff was jailed now in yogyakarta immigration and saturday will be deported to bali, if i have a new info i will leave a comment here, but i have name and contacts and also their phone number in malaysia if you want to have it, as this are fresh iam sure they are not aware and still stay at the same address , i also have contacts in kuala lumpur that have an association with them, if you are intereted i can share you all my newest info, unfortunatelu i found these blog too late and everything was done and the damage is there but i would seek to stop their criminal cats when i can…….so hopefully this time the interpol will do something about it as they fled out when still in a middle of the case investigating by the police….another great day in paradise

    • Thank you. I hope the authorities can stop this pair soon. They seem to treat everyone with complete contempt and deserve to be locked up for a long, long time.

  18. if you have the email or contacts number of benard lee, we should also inform him, as my lawyer has said the more the merrier , when there are more victim gathering together and we assist each other we will get a better result as it proves the crime and how she operates the empire of lies and thieves from her kingdom, as she always uses other hands to do the dirty works……cheers

    • Please contact me at tuppertall@yahoo.com.sg
      More info would help before i proceed with my business proposition
      Thank u

  19. Hi i almost had a deal with the pair over some beauty products. Was going to buy some 50 k sgd worth of products frm them. Is this the same folk we are talkin abt. The product seems good. Shuld i be worried?
    Sorry to hear abt your bad experiences

    • If it’s the same pair, and you are convinced that you are actually going to get what you paid for, I guess you can take the risk. 😉
      If it was me, I would check the provenance of the goods, and use an escrow service to ensure that your money is safe until you actually get delivery of the correct product. Then all you would have to worry about is that the product delivered to you is free of encumbrances and is not likely to be seized as part of any litigation that may be on-going.
      Maybe worthwhile reading some of the comments by other people who are alleging that they too have been ripped off by this pair.

  20. Hi all,

    A good friend of mine passed this info to me last week. He operates in KL and chanced upon the following, hope it helps. My friend has been keeping a look out for Chantel since when he learnt that i have not received my 30Ksgd worth of products.

    Company Name: Nu Junction Trading Sdn Bhd
    Street Address: 9 Jalan Mutiara Emas 9 / 5
    City: Taman Austin Perdana, Johor Bahru
    Province/State: Johor
    Country/Region: Malaysia
    Zip: 81100
    Telephone: 60-7-2950567
    Mobile Phone: 60108806593
    Fax: 60
    Website: http://www.shugar.tv

    RE:Inquiry from Miracle Feet
    From: Mia S Send to: alif bohari
    Date: Wen 22 Jun. 2011 21:15
    Message Origin: MALAYSIA
    Message IP: 180.73.127.*
    Dear Mr Alif,
    Thank You for your interest in our product, Miracle Feet. I tried calling you at 9.00pm on your hp number, but i think it wasn’t turned on.
    Please give me a call at +60108806593 or +6072950567 for a quick chat to see if a collaboration between our companies is possible. I look forward to hearing from you soon. You can reach me at mia@shugar.tv or my boss, Chantel at chantel@shugar.tv. Thank you for your interest once again.

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  22. I don’t understand HOW she could ‘forbid the owner from making offerings” or even talking to you…. she left the country, why couldn’t the owner saunter up to the door, you offer him a beer & you all have a chat about things & sort something out between you?
    Meanwhile to recover your money a writ in the Small Claims Court in Sg would probably cost S$3-5k – don’t worry about being a foreigner if the facts are true (& you actually get the owner to support you) you’ll win even against a Singaporean
    That’s not too hard

    • Actually I only found out that she bullied the owner into this situation after I became concerned that he was making no contact. Chantel reluctantly gave me his number under duress, I called him and invited him round, we had a scotch together and sorted the whol sorry mess out. Re the court action – I’m sure there are better and cheaper ways to recover the stolen money 😉

  23. Hi Vyt, it’s 2015 and I just came across ur blog space. They are con artists and they should be put behind bars. I am also wondering what happened to them now. Are they caught yet?

    • As far as I know, they are still at large. Such is life. Karma will get them in, I hope, the worst possible way. If it doesn’t, I will probably assist Karma to do do.

  24. Her full name is Chantel Sim Sin Yee.
    This woman is scheming and totally can’t be trusted. I have dealings with her before. She paints a very nice picture of herself that she’s filthy rich and tries to get people to invest in businesses and comes out with devious ways to cheat people’s money. Beware!!!

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